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Coat for heaters Slimtex

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It's very fun to be a girl: you can wear a very warm and at the same time a light coat, which is also asked to the cabinet of a little fashionista. However, not only to the small one!

The high thermal insulation performance of the thin Slimtex heater is achieved at the expense of a special structure of the fiber. The heater is created from a combination of ultra thin fibers, which form a microporous structure, through which an air barrier is formed, which keeps the natural heat of a person well.

Uniformity of filling of a cloth ensures not only neat appearance, but also stability of high parameters of thermal protection. The ecological and hypoallergenic nature of the slimtex heater is due to the use of environmental fibers, similar raw materials for the production of personal hygiene products

The ability not to absorb moisture into the structure of the fiber allows you to quickly restore the original properties of thin insulation Slimtex when hit by moisture. This characteristic is favorably distinguished by the thin thermal insulation of the slimtex from natural heaters, which, when absorbed by moisture, lose the ability to retain heat.

Season Autumn-winter
Style Casual
Top material viscose 50%, wool 10%, polyester 40%
Підкладка viscose 100%