A skirt for a dinosaur, or Why they are always in jeans

A skirt for a dinosaur, or Why they are always in jeans

I am a dinosaur. In my closet hang skirts. Short denim, which would give a forum for my disco outfit at the time of high school. The long chiffon, which my mother made to me at the time of her first pregnancy, is so romantic, with pink flowers and folds. And she turned out so lucky that the skirt is still with me. Standard black. Chamomile suede Some sort of card And another card. And two or three others, less known and less popular.

And my children, two young goats, the tender lilies of 12 and 13, do not wear skirts, although you shoot them. But there's nothing to wonder about, it's always been hard for our skirts. When my girls were small, the championship drew two positions in our wardrobe. The first - comfortable denim overalls with straps, from which neither the child falls out, nor the shirt is not knocked out. The second one is dressing gowns. No, honestly, there is nothing in the world that is more comfortable than a corduroy sarafanchik. I believe in this today. For what is a thick velvet? As in the former saying, it is a soldier's great-grandchild. In her winter soldier (the child) is not cold, she is very sweet. And in the summer in a cigarette (in a sundress of velvet) the child-soldier is not hot. It is without lining!

But there were skirts. I liked the girls look ... like flowers. No, seriously, in this variety of skirts there is a charm. Gatherings, colors, bright solutions, folds ... And my girls (if they did not run in a row with their friends in the yard and did not ride horseback riding) for some very short time, with great joy dragged skirts.

And after them - and with me together - their adolescence took place. And with him there was an inevitable thing - everything became jeans. Perfect jacket - jinsovka. Ideal pants for girls - jeans-slippers. The perfect cap is jeans. The perfect shirt ... Well, you're already in the know. And the perfect skirt was not. No, not because denim skirts do not exist in this wonderful teenage world, but because the jeans-ladybirds won a victory in absolutely all ratings.

Especially - in school. My girls decided, like all teenagers, that the canons should be inviolable. That is why jeans. When the others were bought the same, even my steel nerves could not stand. When I fell into the fold to withstand a few hysterics on the topic "I have nothing to go to school tomorrow!", The work was taken with blackmail and threats. And when the daughter declared categorically that "I will never wear a skirt for school, it's impossible, NEVER wearing a skirt!", I realized that somewhere deep underground, I moved the tectonic plate and buryed my dinosaur bones underneath. Together with suede chocolate, carded suit, short denim in rivets, black plated and flying chiffon, which my mother picked up from the remnants of the "rascot" method, if you understand what I mean.

These young goats lily won their right to go in jeans of all shades of denim practically without a fight. After all, in my memory there are still memories, which somewhere carry me unclean about the north of Kiev with a guitar on the shoulder and a couple of loyal friends in no less than loyal denim wide trousers.

But the skirts are the same ... I would have taken a world-long anguish about the fate of the femininity and this world if in its spaces still there was no equilibrium from time to time and would not give birth to such girls as the daughter of my girlfriend. Here's this little adherent of the religious religion pulling over any pant dresses. Mom suspects that soon it will be necessary to transfer all trousers to the category of podshannikov for skirts, and laughs - such in a family has not happened yet! But it's so cool!