Куди поділася моя помада?

Куди поділася моя помада?

What a fudge if I just gave her a nipple yesterday? At first, I, like my mother, was thrown into righteous anger. I was calling about the passport age. I swung in front of my nose, surprised by my reaction of baby, with my own colorless lip gloss. I called to go to read a book, play a gamma violin, and solve a couple of equations with two unknowns. I screamed and scattered lightning, scaring at the same time all other households.

And for me all this time, I saw huge blue eyes, full of confidence in their beauty and righteousness. And that is absolutely unshakable. "Well, Ma'aam," said an unknown creature suddenly with the name of my young one. - Well, what are you? I'll return ". It turned out that my performance on a big stage on the topic of relevance, maiden's modesty and other trash on the theme of the skirt-to-knee passed to the audience hall under the stamp "The mother-in-law is worried about his branded property."

So she got a card-blonde. I breathed out, opened all my supplies, handed my daughter two boxes of cosmetics, and gave everything to her fortune. And I remembered, with what kyofom she sometimes rushing in the cosmetics of her girlfriends. And the world reigned. And the beauty won. When I'm bothered by this continuous admiration of myself in front of the mirror before the loss of consciousness, I remind myself that:

-when I studied the three chords with my guitar until 11 am, my mother also chewed the wall in the next room;

- the presence of beads and woven fenechok throughout the house in my 13 years does not exceed the intellectual availability of diverse home made earrings in every corner;

-he carved pictures of magazines, it is origami on video instructions in Yutuba, and this is equally fascinating;

- I had only dreams, and some of their bikes cost my salary altogether. And thank God. The times when the whole family had some boots, and my mother-in-law shoes with honey and prayers were taken on my own graduation, have passed. And thank God-2.

In the morning, collecting my female battalion to school, I no longer lean to kiss them in a cheek. And it is very impressive. It often seems to me that from the little girls who constantly clambered to my knees, without letting you finish the regular text, to the bottom of these long-minded creatures with light flavors Elisabeth Arden and Givenchy behind the eyelid, one flea of ​​long black lashes flew.

And it's very clinging to the living. Because ... Because in my personal luggage stories somewhere hid a blank space in which there were no easy flying dresses, bright colors, when the most daring act and manifesto of femininity on my part were bright pearlescent shadows from the mother's set, the strokes of another and you will not get the word! - right to the whole eye. And the eyes of the teacher of mathematics are surprised: "You ?! Get off you go. "

Fortunately, I have a "nude" palette in my cosmetic bag. And the teachers of my children are modern, and they no longer lose consciousness. And the water in the toilet is not so cold, even if you have to wash it. And this means that learning to express oneself (let alone even painting a cute picnic with all the colors of the rainbow) will be a little easier for these ladies. This makes me very happy.

Ps And I still hide my carmine-red Dior more securely. Away from sin